Offering what's perhaps the best peace of mind in the industry, Subaru vehicles with EyeSight systems have received the highest possible ratings for crash prevention. With nine models earning IIHS Top Safety Pick+ awards, Subaru has alerted the world that its EyeSight Driver Assist technology is here—and it's here to stay.

It's been proven to reduce the rate of rear-end collisions by up to 85%; but how exactly does this suite of innovative technology work? What better way to understand EyeSight than to set your eyes on some videos.

Like the Power Rangers, a series of unique safety systems combine to form Subaru's Gundam-esque EyeSight technology. These systems work together to warn you when there's potential danger ahead, even applying emergency brakes to keep you away from insurance premium-raising trouble. (In fact, you may even be able to save an additional $200 on your auto insurance coverage if you own a Subaru vehicle with EyeSight.)

Pre-Collision Braking

Driving around with EyeSight, you may find that it responds faster than you do—which is exactly Subaru's goal. Advancing safety is about anticipating danger before it arrives, which means anticipating danger before you can see it. With Pre-Collision Braking, you'll have an extra set of eyes to protect you when the unpredictable happens.

This driver-assist system can help when it becomes crucial to stop. In an emergency, when EyeSight senses an obstacle ahead, Pre-Collision Braking can alert you and automatically activate the brakes. And while similar vehicle systems can slow your vehicle, Subaru's Pre-Collision Braking can bring you to a complete stop when necessary, inspiring even more peace of mind and confidence (in motion).

Adaptive Cruise Control

Once you experience Subaru's Adaptive Cruise Control, you'll never want another car again. With Adaptive Cruise Control, EyeSight ensures you're always sticking with the flow of traffic—even when traffic isn't flowing.

When you set cruise control on your Subaru, you'll have the option to choose from up to four preset following distances. If EyeSight detects traffic is reducing, Adaptive Cruise Control slows your speed accordingly, keeping you at your selected distance. Once traffic speeds up, so too does your Subaru; Adaptive Cruise Control will automatically accelerate to your set speed. Simply set your cruising velocity and trust EyeSight's keeping you on pace to get to point B.

Lane Keep Assist and Sway Warning

To help you stay safely in your lane at all times, Subaru developed its Lane Keep Assist and Sway Warning system.

As you drive, the lane-departure system tracks lane markers to detect if you're drifting. Sway Warning will notify you before you leave your lane without initiating a turn signal, and Lane Keep Assist will even intervene, gently steering you back in place if you don't correct course on your own. It's there when it matters most.

Pre-Collision Throttle Management

One of the first safety systems of its kind, Pre-Collision Throttle Management provides drivers with more time to avoid a collision with a vehicle, particularly in stop-and-go traffic or at traffic lights.

EyeSight scans and monitors the vehicle ahead of you. If that vehicle begins accelerating and then stops or slows suddenly, Pre-Collision Throttle Management will immediately reduce power to the engine and notify you to stop. This gives you time to respond and apply the brakes before you get into a fender-bender.

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Free Subaru Delivery in Lawrence, KS

EyeSight Driver Assist technology is available in most new Subaru vehicles and comes standard on the 2020 Forester, Legacy, Outback, and Ascent. That's great news for anyone looking to buy a new car around Christmastime.

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