2021 Subaru Crosstrek in Lawrence, KS
Those who say a perfect car doesn’t exist clearly haven’t tested out the new Subaru Crosstrek. In its own right, the 2021 Crosstrek is a dynamo, offering a pinch of off-roading verve here, a peppering of passing-lane pep there, and a whole lot of station wagon-lite styling that won’t make you roll your eyes. Is it one of the best compact utility vehicles on the road? You be the judge.

Pros Aplenty

2021 vs. 2020 Crosstrek: What’s New?

For 2021, the refreshed Crosstrek brings everything you love back to the table, plus a few great changes, undeniably making it one of, if not the best wagon in America.
  • New 2.5L BOXER engine (Sport and Limited trims)
  • Redesigned wheels (all trims)
  • Redesigned front fascia with redesigned bumper and grille (all trims)
  • Standard Advanced Adapted Cruise Control with Lane Centering (trims with EyeSight/CVT)
  • 8.0-inch Multimedia Plus adds over-the-air updates and NFC (standard on Limited trim)
  • 8.0-inch Multimedia with Navigation adds voice-activated nav and SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link (optional on Limited trim)
  • Crosstrek Hybrid available in select regions
The biggest changes come in the 2021 Crosstrek Sport:
  • Dual-function X-MODE® with SNOW/DIRT/DEEP SNOW/MUD settings (only trim with such features)
  • New water-repellant StarTex® upholstery 
  • Yellow stitching added throughout cabin
  • Seven exterior colors available
  • Sporty 17-inch dark-gray alloy wheels 

New 2.5-Liter Engine

One of the biggest changes to the Crosstrek can be seen under its hood. On new Sport and Limited Crosstrek models, you get an all-new 2.5L 4-cylinder that makes 182 horsepower and 176 lb-ft of torque—30 horsepower and 31 lb-ft more than the baseline 2.0L BOXER in the base and Premium trims.

This new engine comes with Auto Start-Stop and is mated to a standard SI-DRIVE performance management system and Lineartronic® CVT, both of which are optional fare on lower Crosstrek trims. The SI-DRIVE system is quite possibly our favorite; in “Intelligent” mode, you get flabbergasting fuel economy (27 city/34 hwy mpg), while “Sport” mode ups the CVT’s responsiveness and throttle input. Essentially, the 2.5L Sport and Limited Crosstreks are unrivaled when it comes to merging onto the interstate or pressing the pedal in passing lanes.

2021 Crosstrek Hybrid

2021 Crosstrek Hybrid
It’s the Subaru SUV you can plug in or fill up! It’s also the best-performing, most well-equipped, and most fuel-efficient Crosstrek ever made (90 MPGe). You may even be eligible to save up to $4,500 with available federal tax credits, making it one of the most affordable hybrid SUVs on the market.

Contact our Lawrence Subaru dealership for more details about the new Crosstrek Hybrid.

Advanced Cruise Control with Lane Centering

All CVT-equipped Crosstreks with EyeSight come standard with ACC and Lane Centering tech. This sensor-operated system helps you keep centered in your lane and at a safe distance from front traffic. Don’t leave home without it (and you won’t if you buy the right Crosstrek).

Dual-Function X-MODE

In the Crosstrek Sport models, those “hard to get to” obstacles become “that was it?” destinations thanks to the trim-exclusive dual-function X-MODE. The system offers terrain-specific settings that enhance handling at the push of a lever.
  • DIRT Mode: Flirt with, don’t avert, the city’s outskirts of dirt. Gain quick spurts of traction and make quick work of that desert.
  • MUD Mode: Crosstrek is a stud when tackling mud. Engage MUD mode for a little extra nudge when flooded with globs of crud. 
  • SNOW Mode: Don’t be a no-show. Even when it’s 5 below and snow’s falling to and fro, you can get the show on the road with SNOW mode.
  • DEEP SNOW Mode: Activate the DEEP SNOW mode to avoid getting stuck in banks of snow and calling for a tow.

Water-Repellant StarTex Upholstery

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Water-Repellant StarTex Upholstery
All new Sport trims are also equipped with yellow-stitched seats that harnesses the miraculous power of water-repellant technology, which was probably hand-delivered by an alien race to the Subaru brass. That elegant yet playful yellow stitching carries throughout the cabin—from the door panels and center console elbow rest to the leather steering wheel and dash. Fancy!

8.7 Inches of Ground Clearance

Subaru Crosstreks come with standard AWD and 8.7 inches of ground clearance—a full inch more than the Jeep Renegade—which makes it even easier to traverse the seemingly untraversable.

ALG Residual Value Award Winner

Subaru has a proven track record of delivering world-class value to consumers. Five of the last six years Subaru has won ALG’s overall Top Mainstream Brand for Residual Value award, and the 2021 Crosstrek earned the top spot in the latest ALG Best Subcompact Utility Vehicle category.

What’s that mean? Subaru models, after a three-year period, hold their resale value better than other brands. So, when you buy a new Subaru and keep it in good condition, you’re guaranteed to get more moolah when it comes time to sell.

The One Con?

Unfortunately, shoppers considering the 2021 Subaru Crosstrek should be aware of its one clear drawback: Once you “go wagon,” you may never want to go back.

“A station wagon? Ick!” Hold your horses. Wagons aren’t like those wooden-paneled behemoths of yesteryear. They’re trending on the upswing—some would even say they’re already hipster cool now, which means they’ll be really cool in a few years. And it’s no surprise when you look at, feel, and experience the sheer practicality offered by the new Crosstrek.

2021 Subaru Crosstrek in Lawrence, KS
What are you waiting for? Head into our Subaru dealership in Lawrence to take the 2021 Crosstrek out for a swing. Our showroom’s located at 2233 W 29th Terrace in Lawrence, KS. Or you can contact our McCarthy Subaru sales team at (785) 856-7127 to speak with a specialist about our current Subaru lease offers.

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