2023 Subaru Ascent vs. 2023 Kia Telluride

2023 Subaru Ascent vs 2023 Kia Telluride.jpg

When you need extra space, you need extra space. That's the whole reason why America has fallen head over heels for large 3-row SUVs with 8 seats; they offer enough room for the whole family to spread out on vacations as well as the flexible cargo space for those trips to the hardware store.

That leads us to the Ascent and Telluride, two of the more versatile full-size SUVs on the market. While both make for excellent family vehicles, only one comes out of the proverbial box ready to handle your grandest adventures. Read our Telluride vs. Ascent comparison…

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10 Car Dashboard Symbols Too Dangerous to Ignore

Car Dashboard Symbols

Exclamation points, squiggly lines and triangles. No, that's not the title of Lady Gaga's next album. We're actually referring to those car dashboard signs that light up when something's amiss. You may even notice one of those ominous car dash symbols right now, taunting you from within its illuminated, polycarbonate plastic prison (aka. your car's instrument cluster panel).

Not all symbols on the dashboard are cause for alarm – we're looking at you, Low Fuel Warning Light – but there are certainly some icons that shouldn't be ignored.

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McCarthy Subaru: $10,500 Donated to Lawrence Humane Society

Lawrence, Kansas Humane Society

Some think of us as simply a place to buy cars in Lawrence. We want to shed that image (somewhat) like a summer coat of fur. In addition to being one of the best car dealers in Lawrence, we also proudly support and sponsor our local Lawrence Humane Society. Most recently, through the Subaru Share the Love Event, we were able to raise over $10,000 for the LHS! That's a lot of kibble, if we do say so ourselves.

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7 Car Buying Myths: Busted

Car Buying Myths in Lawrence, KS

Buying a new vehicle is a huge commitment for many customers, especially if it’s a first-time purchase or they haven’t shopped for a vehicle in years. The Internet makes the research, shopping, and even purchasing stages much friendlier, but there are still some myths about buying from a car dealer that may confuse and frustrate shoppers.

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How to Prepare for National Bike to School Day

National Bike to School Day in Lawrence, KS

Like last year, Lawrence schools and districts across the country are getting ready for Bike to School Day (May 4, 2022).

Now, you may be thinking, “What is there to plan for? Wear a helmet. Cycle a few blocks to school. Seems simple.” Unfortunately, some families aren’t able to celebrate Bike to School Day with such ease, for one reason or another—distance, costs, bike safety concerns, you name it. For those families, preparation is the name of the game.

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Tips for Buying Your First Vehicle

Buying Your First Vehicle in Lawrence, KS
If you thought that new iPhone was expensive, just wait until you buy your first vehicle. Whether you’re still in high school or just graduating from college, the first big purchase you’ll ever make in life will probably be a new car. And when you've got that much money in the game, figuring out what to do – and, more importantly, what not to do – can be the catalyst for your first mental breakdown, too. Life’s all about firsts.

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2022 Subaru BRZ: Car & Driver 10Best Winner

2022 Subaru BRZ for Sale in Lawrence, KS

Way back in 2013, Subaru made big waves in the automotive world by unveiling its innovative sports car to impressive fanfare. This first-gen Subaru BRZ earned itself a solid reputation as a fun, zippy ride that corners with impressive ease and a whole bunch of style. Still, it had its detractors. Some thought it was too slick on the turns. Others scoffed and laughed at its underwhelming acceleration.

Why has the Subaru BRZ skyrocketed to the king of the hill of sportiest cars in recent years? We’re so delighted you asked.

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